Still no apology

If the Director of the FBI, James Comey, didn't mean to offend us why he is still silent? Why does he let others to defend him?
The Jerusalem Post: “His intention was positive and good. However, even an unintended distortion of history is nonetheless a distortion of history and disrespectful to the Polish nation.
To lump Poland with Germany as the same is false and hurtful [and] his use of words was imprecise and [could be] easily misunderstood to be a distortion of historical facts.”
We demand apology or resignation, or both, or dismissal, because of his long silence.

Because his position is very, very important it is not a big leap to conclude that maybe it is not an accidental use of wrong words or simple misunderstanding of the meaning. In the last 6 years highly placed officials who supposed to be politically neutral take it upon themselves to defend current administration's policies any way possible. Therefore there are some who suggest that there is an attempt to make Obama look less anti-jewish in comparison to others, for example Poles.

The quicker there is an apology the better.