Thursday, August 4, 2016

Do we live in Obama’s tyranny? If you say something, without pausing to think, you can be prosecuted

Do we live in Obama’s tyranny? If you say something, without pausing to think (Trump), you can be prosecuted, if Democrat (Clinton) commits a crime - not so much. If you refuse the service to someone of different sexual orientation your life could be (will be) ruined because that may be a discrimination. If you refuse service to the police officer you may, at worse, get fired, but you are also a hero.

The last 2 weeks are dominated by the news of how horrible Donald J. Trump is and how bad president, he will be. All because he made a big gaffe, maybe even two or (oh no!!!) even three gaffes, when it came to Khan family. The so called “Gold Star Family”. Then he may even “bigger” mistake by telling Putin to find the “missing” emails. Some Democrats think that he committed a treason. Hillary Clinton, who gave the Russians control of one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States not so much, they call it “smart power”.

All of it is an effort to protect Hillary Clinton, who is already found to break the law, but she didn’t mean it so she can walk away free. Then she is being investigated for corruption, but who cares, she claims to care for GLBTQ’s so she must be good in her heart. She may have committed a TREASON, yes, selling our strategic material to our biggest enemy qualifies for this charge, but she friendly with Obamas so, again, who cares.