Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Chinese hack much, much bigger then we were told

The largest hack in the history is actually more then 4 times larger, and that much more dangerous, then Obama administration has admitted. First of all, it's not 4 million social security numbers stolen but 18 million. That huge number includes FBI agents, Secret Service agent, active military and others.

So why is it so dangerous? How about information on big part or maybe even all CIA agents around the world? How about information on all NSA agents?

This hack shows how badly this country is governed. The President spends more time playing golf than actually governing. This hack may affect all of us for decades and we will be lucky if those responsible will not try to permanently damage this country.

There is already first casualty: the administration has proven that they are more then willing to lie to the citizens about their failures. The so called TRANSPARENCY is a myth.