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The Battle of Grunwald

The biggest battle of medieval Europe, which ended the Northern Crusades 

by K Trelski

The Battle of Grunwald is considered the largest and bloodiest battle of medieval Europe. It was the first battle between East and West. It is also the least-known battle of the period. It's almost as if someone went to great lengths to bury it in the fog of time. Germans call it the Battle of Tannenberg or the First Battle of Tannenberg. Conveniently, the Germans won the Battle of Tannenberg, or the Second Battle of Tannenberg, fought between Russia and Germany in August 1914 (WWI).

In this book, you will learn the complicated history of the Northern Crusades. It will show you the historical background, the military campaign, and tactics that are still used by the modern military.

The book includes a passage (my translation) from the historical novel Teutonic Knights by Henryk Sienkiewicz.

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The Battle of Grunwald

The History and Legacy of the Polish–Lithuanian–Teutonic War’s Decisive Battle 

by Charles River Editors

The Banners in the Battle of Grunwald 

by Mariusz Moroz

The Battle of Grunwald 

A historical novel 

by Ivan K. Sokolnikov & Julius Jonas Bielskis

Legend of the Battle of Grunwald 

by Boguslaw Michalec

Grunwald and Orsha

The History and Legacy of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth’s Most Decisive Battles

by Charles River Editors