Wednesday, June 26, 2019

AOC used the term "concentration camps" for political gain. What does that make her?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) calls out the far-right for manipulating the use of concentration camps for political gain. What does that make her?

If Liberal is losing an argument, on any subject, you can count on him (or her) to use the word "Nazi" (or neo-Nazi) against the opponent. Unless, of course, they know that you are likely to point out that Nazi stands for national socialist, then they will call you a fascist. 

So, it should not be a surprise that after using the term "concentration camp" for a political gain she not only declined an invitation to visit the "real" German-Nazi concentration camps in Poland, but also she right away called those who invited her far-right who meet with Austrian Neo-Nazis. That shows a "real class."

Note to The Blaze and Glen Beck: While using the term Hitler's Concentration Camps is technically correct those were German Concentration Camps, or German/Nazi, not just Hitler's.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Council of Europe did what?!!

It's already a sure thing that if the Liberals want to do something that we all hate they will vote on it under the cover of the darkness, in the middle of the night. It's even got its own name, Vampire Legislation.

What did they do this time you ask? They gave Russia full voting rights at the Council of Europe. The rights that Russia lost after the illegal annexation of the Crimean Peninsula. Russia didn't do anything to deserve a change, but, that doesn't bother Eurocrats (a new word for Google's dictionary), as long as Russian gas is flowing to Germany at the lower price then to Poland or other Russian neighbors. 

So, today we woke up to the new reality, Russia again received full voting rights in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. This was decided by the body in the vote, which took place in Strasbourg last night from Monday to Tuesday. 118 parliamentarians from member countries voted in favor of the declaration, 62 were against and 10 abstained. 

In the mean time, literally the same day, Russia started another unannounced huge military exercises in Central Russia. Which worries all of Russia's European neighbors, especially Ukraine and Georgia. Thousands of troops are involved while many more were placed in military readiness. The question is: did we see it coming? 

Monday, June 24, 2019

Kalifornia powoli przeistacza się w Wenezuelę

Kalifornia fajnie wygląda w filmach i telewizji ale prawda jest naprawdę bardzo nieprzyjemna. 

Od czasu gdy władzę w tym stanie przejęła lewica wszystko powoli zamienia się w jedną wielką stertę śmieci, dosłownie. Do czasu gdy Obama objął władzę Kalifornia była stanem bardzo drogim do życia, ale przy bardzo wysokiej stopie zarobków ludzie przymykali na to oczy. Po jego dojściu do władzy to własnie władze Kalifornii pchały się przed szereg na gwałt wprowadzając w życie wszystkie jego pomysły. Często jednak szły nawet dalej. To właśnie Kalifornia jako pierwsza miała miasta gdzie nielegalni imigranci chronieni są przed agentami urzędu imigracyjnego.

Co z tego wszystkiego wynikło? Kalifornia przezywa teraz kryzys bezdomności gdzie władze zrzucają teraz odpowiedzialność na obywateli wprowadzając na przykład specjalne kary gdy czyjś prywatny dom stoi pusty przez jakiś okres czasu a na ulicy są żyją bezdomni. Oczywiście dla teraźniejszego gubernatora najważniejszy teraz problem to Zmiana Klimatu. Podczas gdy dwa największe miasta, Los Angeles i San Francisco, mają problemy krajów trzeciego świata. Narkomania bije teraz wszelkie rekordy a na ulicach można znaleźć ludzkie odchody. 

Oczywiście, aby uczynić życie w Kalifornii trochę łatwiejsze rzad stanowy zalegalizował "rekreacyjne" używanie marihuany. I teraz ci na "haju" będą mieli wszystkie problemy z głowy. Dzięki Bogu władze PRL-u nie wpadły na taki pomyśl w 1989 roku.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

US media down play it, but you probably should know about the Middle East peace plan

The White House revealed that the USA's peace plan for the Middle East, to be presented next week in Bahrain, anticipates investments worth about 50 billion dollars for Palestinians.

Donald Trump said that it envisages an attempt to reform the Palestinian economy and link Palestine with its neighbors to increase the scope of international investment.
The data published on the White House website show that the "Peace for Prosperity" plan provides for 179 infrastructure and business projects, calls for both public and private investments, and its purpose is, among others, creation of at least 1 million new jobs for Palestinians.

The document refers to $ 27.5 billion worth of projects in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and worth $ 9.1 billion, $ 7.4 billion, and $ 6.3 billion in investment for Palestinians in Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon, respectively. Initiatives concern ventures in health care, education, tourism, agriculture, in the water sector or in the field of advanced technologies.

It's probably the most ambitious plan to date to help the Palestinians.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Poland is flexing its muscles on the EU stage

It took a while, but Poland is finally flexing its muscles on the EU stage and is doing that in a very smart way. Poland's biggest move and the one that attracted the most attention and, let's be honest, disdain was the blocking a push by France to commit the bloc to net zero emissions by 2050. Poland saw the push as a trap, although they did not say that out loud, set up by France and Germany that could derail the rapid growth of its economy.

During the discussion Polish Prime Minister correctly pointed out that in the first 50 years after World War II France and other Western states could grow freely while Eastern states could not and now he has no choice but instead of being nice, agreeable and politically correct, to fight hard for the interest of his citizens. He could not agree to the final, politically motivated, emission goals without hard facts and cost analyses that were not provided. 
Instead, he demanded to see concrete things, like compensation mechanisms and simply additional money that could be allotted to Poland.

We can only imagine that this move did not win Poland any love among the Eurocrats. And it won't get any better since Poland is blocking "sure" candidates to the most powerful positions, or "top jobs", that are being vacated after elections.
"EU leaders did not reach agreement on Friday morning (21 June) on who should lead the European Commission and other key institutions and will meet again at the end of next week."
This is a price the EU "leadership" has to pay for interfering with Poland's internal affairs in last 2 years. Hopefully they will learn their lesson.

To read more:
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Thursday, June 20, 2019

US media buried this news, but World media did not

This is why we need FREE and not PC Internet. Otherwise, we would not have heard about California's new law on children's sex education. To find any information about it, I had to go to the Polish news website There I learned that according to new laws an aggressive sex education of children should start in kindergarten. Under the new guidelines, children will be taught about the existence of infinitely many sexes.

Starting in kindergarten, children should be educated about transsexuality and encouraged to question their gender and gender stereotypes. Children will learn about masturbation, anal sex, sex with multiple partners, ... 

Enough, I think that's all I need to know.

BTW, I found it. See image above. Warning from Google is telling.