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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

4/24/19 (EN.): US

- Teachers Union Head Pressures Members to Intimidate Colleagues to Join #RedforEd Walk Outs

- Hillary: Trump Would Be Indicted For Obstruction If He Weren’t President

- Harris Joins Warren: Let’s Impeach Trump Rather Than Run Against Him

- Surveillance Video Shows Heavily Armed Men Escorting Illegal Aliens Across US Border

- Orwellian WaPo Slams the 'Far-Right' for Saying Christians Were Under Attack in Sri Lanka

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4/24/19 (EN.): World

- Sri Lanka: IS claims responsibility as authorities admit they were warned

- Polish president OKs cash boost for pensioners

- NASA lander 'detects first Marsquake'

- Turkey Slams US as Tensions Escalate Over Iranian Sanctions

- North Korean Leader Kim Departs By Train For Meeting With Putin In Vladivostok

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Architecture in Warsaw--Web Extra of Poland: The Royal Tour

4/24/19 (PL.): Świat

- Zamachy na Sri Lance. Zmarły kolejne ofiary

- Trump odwiedzi Wielką Brytanię i Francję

- Tajemnicza eksplozja. Czy chodzi o wspólny projekt NASA i SpaceX?

- Niemcy oddadzą Nord Stream 2 za fotel szefa KE? Echa po wypowiedzi Manfreda Webera

- Rumunia dokupuje F-16

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4/24/19 (PL.): Polska

- Trzaskowski nie weźmie udziału w edukacyjnym okrągłym stole. ”Nie widziałem zaproszenia”

- Władze ZNP wydały nowe oświadczenie. Za blokowanie klasyfikacji... obarczają rząd!

- Grzegorz Schetyna: Trzeba skończyć ten strajk, panie prezesie Kaczyński

- Nielegalne wydobycie bursztynu. Resort chce dotkliwych kar - od 400 tys. zł w górę

- Dęblin wyszkoli personel naziemny. Takiego naboru nie było od czasu przylotu Jastrzębi

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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Remember when the Polish government expelled a critic???

Almost a year ago (August, 2018) the Washington Post published this "opinion" (which is very much in line with what WaPo thinks) about Poland:
"The right-wing Polish government is continuously breaking new ground in its attacks on democracy and the rule of law. But now it has set a truly astonishing precedent. Warsaw has just used its European Union powers to deport a government critic and banned her from entering any country within the European free movement zone. The implications are ominous – and not only for Poland. ...
Lyudmyla Kozlovska, a young Ukrainian human rights defender, is a fervent promoter of democratic Poland. ...
This week, the Polish government deported Kozlovska. The authorities have not provided any explanation, but the likely reason is clear enough. She and her Polish husband, Bartosz Kramek, had criticized the government for what they see as its efforts to undermine the country’s democracy."
If anybody on the Post's editorial board took 5 minutes of their time they would find out that Poland had every reason to believe that the couple, and run by them the Open Dialog Foundation, was actually trying to undermine its democracy, Mr Kramek even published a blueprint to overthrow the government (being implemented even as I write this post).

Moving forward in time to today: Open Dialog Foundation implicated in money laundering claims - EUtoday.

"NGO Open Dialog Foundation (ODF), associated with Kazakh oligarch Mukhtar Ablyazov has, according to “The Sunday Times”, been involved in money laundering on behalf of the oligarch as well as Moldovan influential businessman Veaceslav Platon." - polandin.com

"It is said that two British companies have laundered over 26 million pounds, some of which were used to finance an organization accused of collaborating with Russian security agents to spread disinformation and destabilization of countries opposed to Vladimir Putin's regime," - reports The Times.

Do you think there is an apology coming from the Washington Post for publishing strongly biased editorials about Poland? I don't think so either.

4/23/19 (EN.): US

- Bill de Blasio: ‘We’re Going to Ban Glass and Steel Skyscrapers’ for Green New Deal

- Philly Catholic Social Services Censored For Refusing To Work With Same-Sex Couples Based On Religious Principle

- Pelosi Takes Go-Slow Approach Toward Impeachment

- Yankees Ban Kate Smith’s ‘God Bless America’

- Hillary, Obama Refuse to Say 'Christian' or 'Terrorism' in Condemning Sri Lanka Attacks

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4/23/19 (EN.): World

- Turkish opposition leader attacked at soldier's funeral

- Poland ready to help Ukraine in reforms

- Sri Lanka attacks: Authorities face scrutiny over advance warnings

- N. Korea Confirms Kim Jong Un to Visit Russia for Summit with Putin

- Iran, Pakistan Agree To Set Up Joint Border 'Reaction Force'

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