Sunday, November 12, 2017

60,000 march on Poland’s Independence Day, leftist media calls them ... "nazis"

60,000 Poles marched to celebrate their 99th anniversary of Independence. The far-left media call them: "far-right", "nationalists" or even "nazis".

For Poles this is probably the most important national holiday, so calling those who want to celebrate it any other way, then patriots is, pay attention CNN and BBC we are using your language, very offensive.

It cannot be denied though that some far-right elements managed to mix into the crowd. But we all know that for the far-left anybody who is not with them is either nazi or fascist.

UPDATE: Both,  organizers and government officials say that they are surprised with nationalist and even fascist banners in the march. The march organizers called it scandalous and pledged that it won't happen next year. The government spokesman expressed his outrage with the racist banners seen during the march.

BTW: Do you know who failed to show up? Anti-fa. We know that the call went to all their members in the Western Europe but nothing happened.

Here are the headlines from the far-left (yes, let's call them that):
  • Washington Post: 60,000 join far-right march on Poland’s Independence Day
  • CNN: Poland nationalist march attracts thousands on independence day
  • Former (hopefully) Hillary Clinton spokesman: "60,000 Nazis marched on Warsaw today ...
  • CNN: Thousands of nationalist protesters disrupt Poland independence day ...
  • Independent: Fascists march in Warsaw for Polish Independence Day in one of ...

BTW, the collaboration with the Germans during WWII was punished by the bullet to the head, no excuses, no exceptions. On the other hand, there are untold numbers of cases where Communist underground would inform Nazis on Polish Underground members.