Saturday, December 2, 2017

Can you say hypocrites?

A German court has decided an ancient forest, Hambach forest, can be felled to allow the expansion of a major coal mine. That would be in the same country, Germany, that was most vocal against Polish government when it came to the Polish ancient forest where forest services had to cut down a large number of trees attacked by spruce bark beetle. The attacked trees would become compromised and fall down, usually at the least opportune moment - when someone was walking under it, which pose a threat to visitors who enter the forest.

The court's decision has shocked environmental activists because the Hambach forest is almost 12,000 years old.

The ruling came as a top European Union court said last month that Poland may face fines of EUR 100,000 a day if it fails to comply with a ban on logging in the primaeval Białowieża forest. Knowing them, they will praise German court's action.