Saturday, January 13, 2018

Dresden Online gets history wrong

Would you like to take a wild guess in which country media make the most mistakes about Nazi Concentration Camps? Believe it or not its Germany. No matter how many times they get corrected. No matter how many protest notes and letters are sent. They still call the Concentration Camps in Poland, Polish Concentration Camps. Not German Concentration Camps (my favorite) and not Nazi Concentration Camps. This is how Germans, and a lot of people believe now that this is a purposeful "team" effort, are attempting to rewrite the history. They are doing it using an "in your face" method by simply blaming the victims and repeating the lies over and over until everybody, including their young ones, believe it and take as the only truth about the World War II. That may be why Germans are so upset about possibility of Polish demands for the war reparations. If they pay them they will admit that they, their parents and grandparents, did all those awful things to other human beings.

This week, the DRESDEN online which is an unofficial website of the city of Dresden, an article has been published in which the wording "polnische Konzentrationslager" was used. The article is devoted to the history of the local railway station. The reader learns from it that during the war, it was a place from where Jews were deported to "Polish concentration camps".

The portal, after multiple interventions, by The Good Name Redoubt – Polish League Against Defamation, corrected the article but...