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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

While Obama is playing doctor Putin is trying to take over Ukraine

While President Obama is busy promoting 600 million dollar website that barely works (only in off-peak time) and breaking US constitution on more or less every level President Putin is blackmailing Ukraine.

For nearly a week now Ukrainians protest government's decision not to sign a trade treaty with EU that would lessen country's economic dependence on Russia. Everyone knows that Ukraine's government was under extreme pressure from Russia. Just like everyone knows that this simple act would end any hope for a better future of every Ukrainian. There is more at stake though. If Russia takes over Ukraine the prosperity and security of entire European continent will be under big question mark. It may also affect America's security. (Are you ready for another cold war?)
Don't be fooled by the muted words, ... What's at stake in the streets of Kiev is the future of the European continent -- and American prosperity and security. An inward-looking America is averting its attention from its own most important interests and highest ideals.
Unfortunately President Obama simply doesn't care for our future, just his own.

Link: Beware Russia's power play in Ukraine