On September 1st Poland presented A REPORT ON THE LOSSES SUFFERED BY POLAND AS A RESULT OF GERMAN AGGRESSION AND OCCUPATION DURING WORLD WAR II, 1939-1945. The Report consists of three volumes: Volume A - A collection of studies; Volume B - Photographic documentary; Volume C - List of atrocity sites. The download will start automatically.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Why fracking in Poland has problem getting off the ground

You may have heard that Poland is looking into getting its own gas supply using fracking technology. You may have also heard that the process is very slow and opposed by many "environmental" groups. You may ask yourself why? Isn't that a great idea that would make them totally independent of Russia?

Here is a video that shows how "environmental" groups are founded and that "environmentalism" is a great business. All you need to do is to find "sponsor" like Russia or OPEC country.