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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Is Hillary above the law?

You would think that it might be difficult for Hillary Clinton to run her presidential campaign from behind the bars, since she broke federal law concerning the use of official email. But, don't worry, it took Democrats less then 24 hours to explain that that particular law was just a suggestion and that she followed the "spirit" of the law.
"...her spokesperson says that she, while using this personal account, was adhering to the spirit and the letter of the law..." 
Today Hillary Clinton said that she wants public to see her emails and appealed to the State Department to release them. Now, how does that work? Since she owns the server she basically controls which emails we can see. Yes, email administrators can go through EVERYONE's email accounts and look for email from or to her but it may take months.

Now, rumor has it that the server runs from Bill's sock drawer.

UPDATE: We found a picture of her email server :). (If you look at the picture long enough you will see a shadow of blue dress.)
Hillary Clinton's server
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