Saturday, June 10, 2017

Polish Days on PoloniaNews

President Trump is coming to Poland. Are you up to date on Polish affairs, history or culture? Let us help you.

Let's start with today (6/10/17). 
Every 10th of the month Poles have vigils, mostly in Warsaw, for the victims of the tragic Smolensk plane crash that took place on 4/10/2010. They say that the vigils will not stop until the whole truth is uncovered and this year some disturbing fact were uncovered.

Did you know that Poland tried to enact a constitution based on the American Constitution and it ended badly?

In 1791 the Great Sejm (Parliament) of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth adopted The Constitution (The Constitution of May 3), the second after the United States, that brought democracy and ended the "Nobles' Democracy".  The document threatened European monarchies, especially Russian Tsarism, which resulted in  Polish–Russian War of 1792 (War in Defense of the Constitution) and finally the Second Partition of Poland.

History and Culture.
We found some items on Amazon that may bring Poland closer to you.

 Spy thriller based on true story of colonel Ryszard Kuklinski who dared to challenge the Soviet empire.

Jan Karski's Story of a Secret State stands as one of the most poignant and inspiring memoirs of World War II and the Holocaust. Reads like a spy novel.

Recent history and CNN.
A few months ago several CNN's anchors announced that there is/was a coup in Poland and democracy in Poland is kaput. What really happened is that the conservative Law and Justice party, in some respects more conservative than GOP, won the parliamentary elections and is now executing several ground breaking reforms. Reforms similar to the ones planned by President Trump. Need we say more???