Sunday, July 30, 2017

Effort to overthrow Polish government is financed by ... Russians

Poland is lately attacked on two fronts. First is the European Commission, which for some reason thinks that can force member governments to only pass the laws they like. The European Commission has just launched legal action against Poland’s new controversial judicial reforms.

Second, is the coalition of opposition parties that calls itself Total Opposition. Their methods of operation are similar to our DNC. They oppose anything that the new government does or wants to do and if they don't have it their way they complain to the above mentioned European Commission or other bodies of the European Union. But they also increasingly call for riots in the streets, bloodshed and military coup as did Lech Walesa whose popularity drops on the daily bases.

The leftist media, including CNN, The New York Times and The Washington Post, would make you believe that everybody in Poland, especially Polish youth, hate what the new government is doing. They even try painting it as a fascist or at least authoritarian. But the truth is that the majority of Poles wish to see judicial reform. They are tired of the endless string of scandals that involve former ruling party, lawyers and, yes, judiciary.

The scandals are so big and so irrefutable that former ruling party officials, now in the Total Oposition, have no choice but to turn to methods worthy of Lannisters from the Game of Thrones or the Clintons here in the United States. All of it, including street protests and astroturfing require financial resources. According to the reporting of Polish TV station "Wiadomości" TVP the support comes from several foundations financed by foreign sources. Dutch, German, British and, yes, Russian. Russian support is several times bigger than all other sources together and comes from people close to none other than Mr. Putin, the wealthiest man in the World.

Stop colluding with Communists and Russians against democratically elected government