Wednesday, August 23, 2017

French President Tours "New Europe", Except For One Country

Emmanuel Macron, often seen as the European version of Obama,  starts his tour of "new Europe" today. Would you like to guess which country he will not visit? Let me give you some clues. He will visit Austria, Romania and Bulgaria.

Yes, Macron will not visit Poland, despite repeated requests, nor will he meet with Polish President or PM.

In Austria, Macron will meet with Czech and Slovak prime ministers. So, despite snubbing Poland he will also try to break up the so called Visegrad Group.
Euobserver: The next few months will be decisive in selecting who stays in the core of the European Union and who stays behind.
Slovakia took the lead and Prague will have to decide quickly whether it wants to remain a reasonable partner in the centre of Europe, or whether it wants to return to the years of former president Vaclav Klaus and behave like a stubborn child.