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Thursday, October 26, 2017

We visited MSM websites (so you don't have to). Can you guess what two stories are not reported?

Not one mention of Uranium One and/or Trump Dossier scandals. Even George Orwell (1984) would be surprised. (But, Russia Today does report on it. - see below LOL)


- Trump teases release of JFK files
- More than 50 years of conspiracy theories
- What's in the JFK files?
- Mark Halperin out at NBC after sexual harassment claims
- A president. A chef. The (incomplete) list of powerful men accused of sexual harassment after Harvey Weinstein
- US Ambassador under investigation
- Haley escorted from camp amid protests
- FBI docs reveal Sandy Hook shooter's pedophilia interest

CBS News:

- Jeff Glor named anchor of CBS Evening News
- Pentagon deployed elite commandos to search for soldier in Niger
- President Trump told reporters Wednesday he didn't "specifically" order the military mission in Niger...
- Read: Pressure mounts on Trump over troops killed in Niger
- U.S. troops were diverted into deadly Niger ambush
- U.S. forces had been interested in the village of Tongo-Tongo because of recruitment ...
- Public Health Alarm Sounded
- IV bags in short supply after Hurricane Maria disrupted production

ABC News:

- Trump to declare opioid public health emergency
- NAACP issues travel advisory against American
- Trump slams Democrats for helping to fund dossier
- Train slams into military truck; 4 dead
- Confusion surrounds Obamacare enrollment period
- Nature Vs. Nurture: Northwestern University Is Rethinking The Impact Of Genetics On Health
- San Juan mayor, energy company feud over contract
- Fisher-Price recalls 65,000 baby seats

NBC News:

- Trump to Declare Opioids 'Public Health Emergency'
- Trump Spent $1.75 Million on Presidential Furniture, Redecorations
- What Could Be in the New Kennedy Assassination Records?
- Boys Are Internalizing Toxic Masculinity Habits Way Too Early
- 3 reasons why you put off your mammogram, and why you shouldn’t
- Trump Doesn't Like Losers. So Naturally He Hates the GOP's Leaders
- NBC News Analyst Mark Halperin Accused of Sexual Harassment
- Puerto Rico Mayor, Montana Firm Feud on Twitter Over Power Deal