Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Is The New York Times anti-polish?

It was just pointed out in Polish media that the New York Times reported about the dramatic rescue of French climber and not one word who the "private climbers". If you read their post you may notice that whoever posted it went to great lengths to avoid mentioning who the rescuers are. It is very curious. The nationalities of the two climbers, French and Polish, who needed the rescue are readily provided, but not of those who rushed to their rescue.

Compare that to the article on the NPR website which gives the rescuers attention they deserve. They climbed 1,200 meters through the night, something not many could accomplish.

"The rescue team of elite Polish mountaineers was brought by helicopter from nearby K2, where they were attempting to make history in a separate climbing expedition. But after risking their lives to reach Revol, they could not make it through a storm to the crevice where Mackiewicz, struck down by frostbite and snowblindness, was believed to be sheltering from the brutal winds."

NYTimes: Climber Rescued on Pakistan’s ‘Killer Mountain,’ but Another Is in Peril

NPR: After Harrowing Weekend Rescue, One Climber Saved, One Lost To 'Killer Mountain'