Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Wall Street Journal attacked Poland at Davos

The Wall Street Journal  nearly derailed Polish efforts to promote their country at the most important economic conference of the year. Yesterday, every visitor to the conference received a free copy of the Journal with a bold title on the front page: "Poland Blots Out Walesa’s Historic Role."

In the article they accuse Poland’s "New Nationalist Rulers" of trying to erase Lech Walesa from history. The call it a battle for the soul of Europe "as populists try to dismantle the post-Cold War liberal order."

Never mind that calling anybody in Poland a nationalist is very offensive, because it right away brings to mind German national socialists or Nazis, and in Poland almost every family lost someone to the Nazis. Never mind that nobody in Poland is trying to erase Walesa from history, I mean, how and why would you do that? Never mind that despite Walesa's great role in anticommunist revolution, he has a dark history that he doesn't want anybody to know about. Something he refuses to explain and something he went to great lengths to bury.

Judging by victory laps on the left, this article was not about Lech Walesa's conflicts with the party in power and his former friends and colleagues. It's about the conflict between Poland's current government and leftist elites, known as "total opposition", that lost democratic elections. It is nearly exact copy of the conflict between Trump and Democrats, and you could swear that left in both countries is using the same templates. And the Wall Street Jornal's role in it is very surprising and confusing.

BTW, would like to take a wild guess who benefits from that? That's right, Russia and Germany.