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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Has Facebook finally gone too far? They blocked "Tygodnik Solidarność" (Solidarity Weekly), an official magazine of the Solidarity Workers Union

Facebook Poland has been lately busy blocking anything that's leaning right or should we say anything that's not leaning left, far left. The Solidarity Workers Union is not left or right, but it is an INSTITUTION that ended socialist rule in Poland and subsequently in Eastern Europe. It frequently gets into fights with current government considered by the far-left as anti-democratic and dictatorial regime because it won democratic elections and ended the rule of the left leaning government that was protecting former communist bureaucrats keeping them in highly placed positions including the judiciary and academia. The current government wants to purge the judiciary of those people because they corrupted the system, creating untouchable clique and that earned the label of far-right and fascist government.

The Solidarity does not get involved in those fights, they only protect the rights of their union members and many times they actually have ideas that we could call left leaning. Their publication, though represents conservative ideas that could also be considered on the right-side.

So, two days ago Facebook deleted some posts of the "Tygodnik Solidarność" profile, and yesterday the posts were not visible even to people who liked their profile.

- We have not received any information why our content is blocked by the Facebook administration, so we decided to contact it ourselves, at the moment without an answer. Limiting the freedom of speech that occurs in social media on the example of blocking the content of "Tygodnik Solidarność", a paper with 37 years of history, in the past fought against and censored by the communist regime shows how big the social problem is the lack of control over this type of media, especially since they play an increasingly important role in creating public life - says Mateusz Kosiński, deputy editor-in-chief of Tysol.pl.

Maybe we should be thankful that FB cannot implement the Marshal Law, yet.


The Facebook finally replied using their typical BS:

So, we hear that FB did restore the content and access to it.