Wednesday, April 24, 2019

So, who owns Notre Dame cathedral?

British and Polish press brought to light an interesting fact. Since 1905 all churches in France are the property of the French Ministry of Culture. It is a result of the law on the separation of state from the Church pushed by the anti-Catholic socialist Aristide Briand. Implemented on December 9, 1905, it was to be an element of pressure on Catholic priests. Every priest criticizing, for example, the removal of religion from schools or the so-called Inventory of church property had to expect the loss of the church.

As the consequence of French government taking over the churches the Notre Dame cathedral was not insured, or under insured, and now French government will have to pay for rebuilding and repairs of the church. There are also rumors that this time around the government will want to an advantage of the opportunity and turn the cathedral into full-time museum.