Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Poland tightens public life restrictions

As of today (3/31/2020) Poland has 2132 confirmed infections and 31 deaths, but it's government wants to get ahead of the possible increase of infections.

- Either the situation will be dramatically worse in the coming months, or it will be worse, but manageable. We must do everything to avoid a worse scenario. As a result of analyzes of the best practices flowing from around the world, we have made further decisions regarding restrictions - Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said during a press conference. - There are too many people-to-people contacts, too many people on the "walks" - emphasized the PM.

- The most important rule is the principle of social distance, 2 meters (6 feet) from the other person, except for childcare or care for the disabled - said the prime minister. The distance should also be kept on the pavements. Restrictions on access to parks, boulevards, recreation areas and beaches will also be introduced. - We see that we have not maintained discipline here - Mazowiecki. 

There will also be a ban on using city bike rentals. All beauty and hairdressing outlets will be closed. - Limit of people in the store - 3 people for one cash register. At Post Offices, this limit is limited to two people per one register. At bazaars, marketplaces - 3 people to one wait line. 

In addition, we introduce the obligation to wear gloves - the Prime Minister informed. 

All construction stores (equivalent of Home Depot) will be closed on weekends, grocery stores, pharmacies and drugstores will remain open. - We are also introducing a solution that sellers already practice, from 10.00 to 12.00, stores are only open to older people over 60 years old - the Prime Minister added. 

At the same time, he appealed to seniors to go to the store as rarely as possible, "maybe once every two days, not more often". Additional requirements will also be introduced in workplaces. A necessary distance of 1.5 meters, people must be equipped with personal protective equipment, especially disinfectants. 

- We also limit the activities of hotels and motels, we decided to close them, except for quarantine and isolation facilities - the head of government emphasized. 

Also the limit of seats on private carriers' buses will be changed, on similar principles as in public transport. In addition, all rehabilitation treatments are canceled during a pandemic. 

An extended quarantine formula will also be introduced. From today, people who will be quarantined will be completely isolated for two weeks. - Avoid contact with other people. (...) We all want this misfortune to end as soon as possible. Whether we return to the economic semi-normality in April depends on this. With each unnecessary leaving of your house, the pandemic is prolonged - appealed the prime minister. - Let's realize that by not following the rules, we can infect another person and they can die. Penalties will be strictly enforced by the police - he added. 

The restrictions were introduced for two weeks.