Sunday, July 12, 2020

Today, Sunday, Poles are voting in presidential elections

Source: Tygodnik Podhalański/Wpolityce
Poles are voting today.

During the press conference, the chairman of the National Election Commission Sylwester Marciniak appealed to voters to comply with sanitary requirements during voting on Sunday in the second round of presidential elections. "So, it's a matter of masks, hand disinfection, safe distance," he said.

- From the beginning of the "electoral silence" till until 5 am on Sunday morning there were 253 incidents of breaking it in the whole country - told the press inspector Antoni Rzeczkowski from the Police Headquarters. There could be a substantial fine for breaking the electoral silence.

In some cities, people have to wait in long lines to vote.

Conducting elections by correspondence, significantly increased the number of Poles voting in the US. Yesterday in New York the Polish Consulate received nearly 16 thousand election packages (votes) by mail. In Chicago, there were 14,274 votes.

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