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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Biden's victory means catastrophe for Poles

 Under Biden, Poland and Central Europe would witness a return to the geopolitical uncertainty and passivity of the Obama administration. With Trump in office, they enjoy strong relations with America, says Dr. Lucja Świątkowski Cannon of Polish-Americans for Trump. In her opinion, Trump's close ties with Central Europe are based on an extensive security architecture. It comes from the US administration's assessment of the Russian threat to Europe and the West.

“Under President Trump, Poland and Central Europe enjoy a strong relationship with the United States, they see a real understanding of the threats they face and feel safer with growing military, political and economic ties. Under Joe Biden, Central Europe would witness a return to the geopolitical uncertainty and passivity of the Obama administration,” - warns Świątkowski Cannon.

During last week's "Town Hall" Biden compared Poland and Hungary to Belarus. He argued that they belonged to a league of totalitarian states that are supported by President Trump. 

"Joe Biden's words are not a real criticism of these countries (Poland and Hungary), but simply show who he is: a pawn of the European left, centered around the mandarins of the European Commission, who are offended that these countries are not following orders from the march, but pursue their own policy of independence from Moscow, traditional family values and are getting rid of the remnants of the communist bureaucracy that continues to poison their public life, ” - said Świątkowski Cannon.

According to Świątkowski Cannon, Biden would leave Poland in the Russian sphere of influence in the name of political correctness. She predicts that not only would the number of American troops in Poland or other parts of Central Europe not increase, but perhaps those already stationed there would be withdrawn. 

She points to Trump's strong support for the Three Seas Alliance, which aims to expand the north-south energy infrastructure to import natural gas from the global market, including the US.

"Joe Biden did not make such a declaration. In addition, he has announced several times, although recently has been more ambiguous, that he will ban shale gas fracking in the United States. Thus, Central Europe will be deprived of a reliable source of natural gas."

 Świątkowski Cannon also emphasizes that Trump has fulfilled his promise to include Poland in the Visa Waiver program, which allows Polish citizens to travel to America without visas. She noted, the Obama administration had eight years to fulfill these promises, but it did not keep them.