Saturday, March 20, 2021

President of the National Bank of Poland announced that Poland will buy at least 100 tons of gold

 The NBP president, professor Adam Glapiński, revealed his plans during an interview for the weekly magazine "Sieci." In an interview, he spoke about purchasing additional gold, which the bank would store in Poland.

At the moment, we have 229 tons, of which about half were purchased during my term in office. We brought a lot of it to Polish vaults. Within a few years, we want to buy at least 100 tons more and keep them in Poland. It matters, among others, in the perception of the state and its economic strength. Poland comes back to life as a highly developed country. That's how it is already treated. We feel it clearly at the NBP - in international circles, we are treated as a strong, developed, and stable country. Which, of course, has different consequences - he said.

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