Saturday, April 3, 2021

Russia is moving forces toward the border with Ukraine

  From the beginning of 2021, Ukraine has raised the alarm about the increasing activity and presence of Russian troops in Crimea and controlled by pro-Moscow so-called "separatists" of eastern Ukraine. In recent days, Russian troops' movements and the intensity of attacks along the border have increased significantly.

For several months, the signals of increasing activity of separatists in Donetsk and Lugansk have intensified. According to the Ukrainian intelligence services, the forces of the so-called "separatists" are not only intensively trained and equipped with new weapons but have also been reinforced by Russian snipers and reconnaissance groups.

On March 30, General Ruslan Chomczak, announced that since the beginning of 2021 the Russian Federation had transported to the territory of Ukraine occupied by separatists 19,000 tons of fuel, 335 tons of ammunition, 35 military vehicles, several tanks, and a large number of rocket launchers and other weapons.

This week on the bridge to Crimea, someone filmed a train with Russian heavy weapons.