Saturday, April 24, 2021

Russians may also be involved in ammunition dump explosions in Bulgaria

 The Czech media, citing Radio Free Europe and the Bellingcat investigative portal, wrote on Friday that Russian secret service agents operated in Bulgaria in 2014-2015. During this time, several explosions in ammunition depots were similar to the one in the Czech warehouse in Vrbietice in 2014.

Four warehouses in Bulgaria exploded consecutively in February, August, October, and December seven years ago. There were more in March and April 2015. The most tragic result was an explosion in an ammunition depot in October 2014 in Gorni Lom in northwest Bulgaria, killing fifteen people.

Radio Free Europe reminded that the explosions took place when the Russian annexation of Crimea and the outbreak of the Russian-supported war in eastern Ukraine took place. At that time, the Ukrainian army was in a disastrous condition, without organization and adequate training, with shortages in weapons and equipment. Thus, Ukrainian officials strove to obtain the necessary weapons quickly, and Bulgaria has a significant arms industry and a developed arms trade.