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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Poland wants to buy unused Johnson & Johnson vaccines from Denmark

 Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki wrote a letter on Tuesday to the Prime Minister of Denmark Mette Frederiksen. He proposed to buy back the Johnson & Johnson vaccines against COVID-19 unused by Denmark - informed the portal polsatnews.pl.

"Poles approach vaccination positively, and more and more of my countrymen benefit from the protection offered by vaccines. In recent days, I have noticed that Denmark has decided to withdraw the introduction of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to the domestic market. If Denmark decided to resell some of its stocks, Poland is ready to buy back these vaccines. For Poland and Poles, it would be something more than a mutually beneficial transaction. It would mean a gesture of solidarity strengthening our partnership " - wrote the PM.

Denmark reported that J&J has been excluded from the COVID-19 vaccination program. Earlier, the Danish authorities announced that they were abandoning the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine.