Friday, May 21, 2021

The CJEU orders the cessation of coal mining in Poland's Turów mine

 Today, May 21, the Court of Justice of the European Union acceded to the request of the Czech authorities and ordered Poland to immediately suspend mining from the Turów mine until the court case against it is resolved.

"Poland is obliged to immediately cease mining in the Turów mine. The allegations raised by the Czech Republic regarding the factual and legal status justify the ordering of the requested interim measures" - reads the decision issued by the Tribunal.

Polish MEP, Patryk Jaki, reacted in strong words: "This ruling is such a huge scandal that it should not remain without a response. The CJEU once again took away Poland's rights to self-governance. Soon it will turn out that Poles cannot rule themselves in their own country at all," - he wrote on Facebook.