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Monday, August 23, 2021

President Duda: "Crimea is Ukraine, we do not agree to a different narrative"

 During the Crimea Platform summit, the president of Poland greeted the audience in Ukrainian and began his speech in Ukrainian, to which the audience responded with an ovation.

He stressed that in Poland the words "occupation" and "partition" were used extremely often.

In Poland, we know well what a person who loses his property, his dignity, who is deprived of his national identity, who is told "this is no longer your country" feels. That is why I stand here in front of you to say it clearly to our Ukrainian brothers: Poles understand your situation, feelings, suffering, you can count on our support - said President Duda.

He emphasized that Poles know well from the history of their region what it means to be left by the allies in a moment of danger and how their indifference to suffering hurts. "Just as we felt when, in 1945, when our allies betrayed us by communicating with the Stalins, leaving us in the Soviet sphere of influence, behind the Iron Curtain" - noted Duda. 

- Therefore, today's meeting is also an opportunity for us to make it clear that we are not indifferent to the Crimea issue and none of us gathered here will be indifferent to the evident violation of international law and the destruction of Ukraine's territorial integrity - he said.

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