Saturday, August 14, 2021

Warsaw Uprising Calendar: August 14 - Old Town under siege, dramatic order to the troops outside the city

 - Fighting for the University of Warsaw: the insurgents captured an armored personnel carrier from the SS Division "Wiking", called "Johnny" and "Gray Wolf". 

- Evacuation of the Maltese Hospital from Senatorska St. to the location at Zgoda St.

- Allied air units reappear over the city at night. The dropped equipment mostly reaches the Downtown troops. 

- The situation is particularly difficult in the Old Town, where German attacks are now concentrated. Particularly fierce fights took place around the PAST building, where the insurgents defend the building itself and the local barricade. In the evening the barricade is in German hands. 

The insurgents managed to destroy several German tanks. 

In Downtown, the "Chrobry II" group succeeds acquiring food warehouses at Ceglana St. 

General Komorowski in light of the situation in Warsaw getting worse is forced to ask for reinforcements. Therefore, he gives an order to all insurgent groups outside the city: 

"The fight for Warsaw is dragging on. It is waged against a great number of enemies. The situation requires an immediate march to help the Capital. I order that all available, well-armed units be dispatched immediately with the most rapid marches, with the task of defeating the enemy's forces on the outskirts and suburbs of Warsaw, and entering the fight inside the city."