Wednesday, September 22, 2021

PKN Orlen plans to purchase the first hydrogen-powered locomotive in Poland

 PKN Orlen (Orlen), in cooperation with PESA Bydgoszcz, plans to purchase a modern locomotive, which will be the first rail vehicle in Poland using a hydrogen drive. The vehicle is based on the SM42 shunting locomotive.

Orlen, informing on Tuesday about its plans, emphasized that the hydrogen technology it is developing is part of the Orlen2030 strategy, assuming an increase in the importance of alternative fuels.

The company explained that the hydrogen locomotive it intends to purchase is a prototype, and its production has just ended - the vehicle was created on the basis of the SM42 shunting locomotive, which after modernization "gained not only an innovative drive but also a modern look."

"The minimalist design of the vehicle's body refers to current trends. Its lifting capacity is approximately 3200 tons, and the daily demand for hydrogen is approximately 170 kg. The locomotive is equipped with two symmetrical refueling points, which will allow for faster filling of the tanks. maneuvering work "- explained PKN Orlen. The locomotive, as mentioned in the information, was also equipped with an autonomous driving system that allows the driver to control the vehicle by one person by radio while setting up trains, and an anti-collision obstacle recognition system. The company announced that it is currently working on a hydrogen refueling system for this locomotive.