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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Prime Minister Morawiecki is concerned about Germany's attitude toward Russia

 The head of the Polish government spares no words of criticism towards his western neighbor. Mateusz Morawiecki admitted that "with concern, he observes the situation in Ukraine and the reactions of Germany in the face of the threat from Russia". He emphasizes that Poland is on the side of peace and warns that the economic and energy interests of any European country cannot be treated as a reason for the aggression against Ukraine.

The great disappointment is, among others withholding Germany's consent to the supply of weapons from Estonia to a state that is preparing to defend itself against the aggressor. Unfortunately, the black scenario we have long warned about is taking place - the construction of Nord Stream 2, Russia's gas blackmail, the billions invested by Putin in Europe, as well as the money "invested" in former politicians and lobbyists give him the tools to terrorize other European countries. - Prime Minister Morawiecki wrote on Facebook.

He recalled that for many years Poland has been determined in its support for the Ukrainian integration with Europe and the West. 

We consistently oppose further acts of aggression by Russia, such as the illegal seizure of Crimea. And our vote is on the side of our Kiev neighbors today. We stand on the side of Ukrainian freedom, democracy, security and the right of Ukrainians to sovereignly decide about the fate of their nation. We are also on the side of peace. The economic and energy interests of any European country cannot be treated as a reason for aggression against our neighbor. - Morawiecki continued.

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