Monday, June 12, 2023

Poland will appeal to the CJEU against Fit For 55. "All these decisions were made wrongfully"

 Poland will appeal to the Court of Justice of the European Union the regulations included in the Fit for 55 package, including, above all, the hugely controversial limitation of the production of cars with internal combustion engines.

 - If today we make a decision for 2035, today we have to look at its consequences for the coming years, without setting goals that are uncalculated, uncalculated, without analysis - said Minister of Climate and Environment, Anna Moscow.

In March, the Council of the European Union adopted a law that sets stricter emission standards for new cars and vans. 

The regulation assumes 100 percent reduction of CO2 emissions for new vehicles after 2035. This means that the regulation prohibits the registration of new cars with a combustion engine from 2035. For now, Poland is the only country that has spoken out against these regulations. Bulgaria, Romania and Italy abstained.

She pointed out that the decision to ban the registration of new combustion cars should be taken on the basis of unanimity, because it affects the energy mix, and was taken on the basis of a qualified majority.

- With this document and many others in the Fit For 55 package, we are going to the Court of Justice. I hope that there will be states that will join, said Anna Moscow.

The head of the Ministry of Climate and Environment announced that Poland would demand a change in the legal basis.

- In fact all these decisions were taken incorrectly, on the basis of an incorrect formal and legal basis, and thus are invalid documents - she explained.

"Fit for 55" is a package of directives and legal regulations prepared by the Commission, which are to lead to a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55%. by 2030 (compared to 1990) and achieving climate neutrality by 2050.