Sunday, July 2, 2023

Donald Tusk changed his mind, now he fights illegal immigration ... and always has

 Law and Justice (PiS) MEPs Dominik Tarczyński and Patryk Jaki organized a conference during which they referred to former president of the European Council Donald Tusk's flip-flop on illegal migration and forced relocation.

"We have a relocation problem because of Donald Tusk and his 'Weber group' (politicians led by Manfred Weber) from the European People's Party," - said Jaki. "In politics, you can say anything, as Donald Tusk does today. But actions count, not words. It just so happens that the Weber Group, together with Civic Platform greased such a project for us that we must face forced relocation. Today it turns out that Donald Tusk is against forced relocation," - he added.

When one of the journalists referred to the opinion of opposition politicians that PiS is making migration a "fictitious problem," Tarczyński replied:

The fictitious problem is what is happening now in France, what is happening in Brussels, what has spread to Switzerland? What is happening now in France is a civil war. This is a war, not a riot. This is terrorism. We see people robbing gun shops and using long guns. We see a burning France fall – said the PiS MEP.