Monday, November 27, 2023

President Duda sees the changes to EU treaties as a threat to Poland's sovereignty

Niezalezna(.)pl: On Monday, the presidential minister was asked about the president's position on proposals for changes to the EU treaties that were being processed in the European Parliament.

As she noted, "President Duda clearly indicates that he is in favor of Poland's presence and membership in the European Union, but the EU as an association of sovereign states, i.e. the one we joined."

The main proposed changes include abandoning the principle of unanimity in votes in the EU Council in 65 areas and transferring competences from the level of member states to the EU level, including: by creating new exclusive EU competences - in the field of environmental protection and biodiversity (Article 3 TFEU) - and by significantly expanding shared competences (Article 4), which would cover seven new areas: foreign and security policy, border protection, public health, defense civil, industry and education.

The euro would become a mandatory currency for member states.

The composition of the European Commission would be reduced to 15 people, which means that not every member state would have its own commissioner. At the same time, the competences of the EC - referred to in the report as the "European executive" - ​​would be expanded.