Sunday, December 3, 2023

Weekly review of news from Poland (Nov 26 - Dec 2)

Dec 2
Windmills Act scandal -nobody wants to admit to writing it. "Fingers are pointing" at Civic Platform

Dec 1
"Windmills Scandal," PiS notifies the prosecutor's office and the Central Anticorruption Bureau

Nov 30
Polish border guards will go to Finland to help in connection with the hybrid attack on the Finnish border

Nov 29
Parliamentary Commission: PM candidate, Donald Tusk, should not be appointed to any position or function related to state security

Poland filed a complaint against Germany to the CJEU

Nov 28
Poland has a new government. Half of the ministers are women

Nov 27
President Duda sees the changes to EU treaties as a threat to Poland's sovereignty

Nov 26
NATO may save the three most significant Polish projects of the last 8 years