Thursday, February 22, 2024

Tusk miracle: Two legal cases against leaders of his party magically dropped

Every once in a while, usually when elections are on the horizon, current Polish PM Donald Tusk reminds Poles that he, too, is a Catholic. So, there shouldn't be any surprise that he can pull off a miracle. 

Today, Polish media reports that Marshall of the Senate, Mr. Grodzki, and MEP Magdalena Adamowicz are "clean as a whistle." 

Wpolityce(.)pl: The Regional Prosecutor's Office in Szczecin withdrew the application to waive the immunity of the senator of the Civic Coalition and former Speaker of the Senate Tomasz Grodzki. It was an investigation into corruption at the Transplant Aid Foundation. The new management of the Szczecin prosecutor's office made the decision.

According to the prosecutor's office (under old management), the charges in the application to waive immunity concerned crimes committed from 2008 to 2019, which consisted of extorting money from patients for operations carried out within the public health service. The prosecutor's office findings showed that Grodzki allegedly directed other people to commit crimes, including doctors who had already heard charges in the case and allegedly instructed them to commit these crimes.

Grodzki has repeatedly assured that the allegations of corruption made against him have no basis.

"I have never made any operation conditional on the payment of any bribe to me," — said Grodzki in December 2019, when the first reports on this subject appeared on Radio Szczecin.

DoRzeczy(.)pl: The District Court in Gdańsk discontinued the proceedings against Magdalena Adamowicz. An MEP from the Civic Coalition was accused of tax fraud.

Adamowicz was accused of committing two fiscal crimes, which consisted in failure to disclose income in the tax returns for 2011-2012 in the amounts of almost PLN 300,000 and PLN 100,000, respectively.

The case was dropped due to a statute of limitations, but she gets to keep her job as MEP, shielding her from prosecution for years.

- Based on reporting by Wpolityce(.)pl and DoRzeczy(.)pl.