Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Polish farmers are changing the form of protests

Farmers will protest again on Wednesday. This time, they will not block the roads, making it difficult for people to travel. Instead, they intend to demonstrate at all parliamentary offices across Poland. They believe that no one from the government wants to have serious talk with them. 

If there are no talks by April 4, farmers plan to appear in front of the offices "with gifts" from the farms.

"The gifts will be typical agricultural ones, from our barns. We will show up in front of the offices. We will make appointments with the MPs," - said Stanisław Barna, the leader of protests in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship.

If the MP does not arrange talks with them, "they will definitely protest in front of the office and wait for the meeting."

"As of today, our goals and demands have not been met. We will continue to protest and put pressure on the ruling party, which should understand what we are really fighting for. We fight for our farms simply to maintain them and feed our families" – Barna pointed out.

- Based on reporting by Wpolityce.