Thursday, December 18, 2014

If N. Korea gets away with hack US has lost first cyber war

Now that we officially know that the hackers were working for the North Korea what will the US do? If US does nothing it will be the first cyber war that US has lost. We know that Russia, China and Iran are watching. If US does not treat that as an act of war and does nothing it will look like a capitulation and others will try to do the same or worse.

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US and Cuba: What did we get?

What did the US and international community get in exchange for "good" relations with Cuba besides a new vacation designation for rich liberals?

Is Cuba going to stop torture of political prisoners?
Will political prisoners be released?
When can we expect free elections in Cuba?
Will Cuban Christians be allowed to practice their faith without the government's interference?
Will Sean Penn be allowed to move to Cuba permanently?
Will the US finance the communist regime?

We can't wait for more details on this deal.

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New Sanctions Against Russia and Crimea

The EU has announced the new sanctions on Crimea and indirectly Russia.

The new measures include a ban on sales of goods and technologies for oil and gas exploration, ban on investment in Crimea, and a ban on tourism to that region.

Sanctions will take effect on Saturday.

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Nowe sankcje wymierzone w Rosję i Krym

Unia Europejska narzuciła kolejne sankcje wobec Krymu a przez to Rosji.

Wprowadzono zakaz sprzedaży technologii do wydobycia ropy i gazu, zakaz inwestowania w firmy na Krymie, a także zakaz prowadzenia tam działalności przez firmy turystyczne z Unii Europejskiej. Sankcje wejdą w sobotę.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Desperate for Legacy Obama "Normalizes" Relations With Cuba

President Obama who still can't find any success in international relations decided that get wants to be remembered as the president who normalized relations with Cuba. It is very likely that his allies in the media will call it a major victory but exchanging 1 US citizen for 3 Cuban spies is hardly a success. It is still better then exchange with ISIS were he gave out 5 Taliban commanders for 1 US soldier suspected of treason.

President Obama couldn't help himself and criticized all of his predecessors by saying that previous approach of isolating Cuba "for decades has failed" U.S. interests.

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  • Protest In Little Havana... 
  • Miami Cubans: 'Traitor, traitor'... 
  • Sen. Marco Rubio (R) : 'Terrible setback for the oppressed'... 
  • Sen. Robert Menendez (D): Rewards 'brutal behavior'... 

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Islamists planned terrorist attacks during Christmass Eve masses

According to former high ranking officer of Polish security services, ABW (Agency of Internal Security), in 2001 Al-Qaeda planned coordinated attack on multiple churches in Poland during a Midnight mass, Pasterka, the most important mass for Polish Catholics.

The attack would concentrate on the cathedrals in major cities which would ensure mass casualties, in tens of thousands. According to the official the terrorists spent a lot time on preparations. They visited Poland on many occasions as tourists. Fortunately ABW detected the plot early and was able to coordinate their actions with intelligence services of other nations. Terrorists were arrested as far as Australia.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rosja przeprowadziła duże manewry w Kaliningradzie

Już wiemy co sprowokowało Litwę do postawienia swoich wojsk w stan gotowości bojowej. Rosja przeprowadziła w pobliżu naszych granic dość duże manewry wojskowe swojej armii w Kaliningradzie w tym manewry wojsk rakietowych.

Rosyjska armia i media są pewne ze NATO nie wykryło tych manewrów.