Friday, October 31, 2014

Polin means Poland in Hebrew "a good place for the Jews"

I found an excellent article about Jews in Poland at
In the two millennia between ancient Israel and its modern rebirth, Jews never enjoyed as much political autonomy as they did in Poland, a land that centuries later would become intrinsically linked to the Holocaust.
Polin is Hebrew for Poland and also means "rest here," a reference to a story Jews told themselves about their arrival in Poland in the Middle Ages: that they found favor from the rulers and were allowed to dwell there in tranquility. The result was centuries of a flourishing Yiddish-speaking civilization that made important contributions to Polish and world culture before being nearly wiped out by Nazi Germany.
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The history of Jews in Poland on Wikipedia

Thursday, October 30, 2014

USA próbowało zepsuć stosunki Polsko-Izraelskie

Wniosek rządu USA o aresztowanie Romana Polańskiego, nie żądają tego ani od Szwajcarii ani od Francji, to próba popsucia dobrych stosunków Polsko-Izraelskich. Zadanie tego w ważnym dla obu krajów tygodniu otwarcia Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich to już grubo zawoalowana perfidia. Dzieje to w tym samym czasie gdy anonimowy członek rządu mówi prasie ze w Białym Domu nazywają Premiera Izraela "chickensh$t". USA chcą byśmy zatrzymali Polańskiego

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US attempted to cool Poland-Israel reations

This week Poland was celebrating the opening of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews - Polin*.

Tuesday’s opening of the museum was attended by the presidents of both Poland and Israel. Israeli President, Reuven Rivlin said during the opening that “this isn’t a museum of the Shoah, but a museum about life. It is a place which commemorates what was and what now will never be, as well as raising hopes for another future.”

The museum documents nearly 1000 years (one thousand) of Jewish history in Poland.

To ask Poland to arrest one of the most celebrated Polish Jew, Roman Polanski, is .... well unconscionable. That is why we could suspect either John Kerry or even president Obama behind this half-a$$ attempt to destroy Polish-Israeli relation after so much effort was put in by both sides.

See some picture from the museum on Google Museum View.

*Polin means Poland in Hebrew.

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Obama want's another bumper sticker: we got Polanski :updated

Polish press reports that US government demands the arrest and extradition of the Polish-French film maker, Roman Polanski, who came to Warsaw for this week's opening of the History of Polish Jews Museum.

However, according to the source, the petition was rejected as it was not submitted in the Polish language as required by international agreements. :)

It is not known if Polanski is still in Poland.

The arrest would most likely start an international incident. The opening of the museum is a big deal for both Poland and Israel. Not only would that be a "finger in the eye" lead "from behind" by Obama, it would create an impression that Poland joined an anti-Israel alliance.

(If the Poles came through for Obama he would have two for two: Osama and Polanski. The bumper sticker would read: Osama is dead, GM almost, but we got Polanski.)

UPDATE: Polanski visited prosecutor's office in Krakow but was not arrested. After submitting information where he stayed during his visit in Poland and promise to appear if required he was allowed to leave.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Obama is against quarantine but the troops are quarantined ... in Italy

President Obama is attacking quarantine, and those who want to implement it, as unscientific but, he sent US troops into quarantine in Italy. Not only is it against his own view but he also made Italians angry. 

He gets two birds with one stone: shows the military how much he cares about them and pissing off a NATO member.

(It is OK to say WTF?!)

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Where is Ebola Waldo?

For the last three days everybody is asking where in the world is Waldo Ebola Czar?

It seems that Ebola (what's his name?) czar follows his boss's footsteps. If he doesn't do anything he can't be blamed if things go to s$@t.

New York Daily News: Ebola czar Ron Klain is still out of sight as N.Y., N.J. defend decision to go beyond CDC guidelines

Breitbart News: CNN: White House Keeping Ebola Czar 'Behind the Curtains'

The Denver Post‎: Where's the Ebola czar? Klain's low profile raises more questions

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Eskalacja? Niemieckie myśliwce przechwyciły 7 rosyjskich myśliwców

Niemieckie myśliwce stacjonujące obecnie Estonii przechwyciły wczoraj (28.10.14) 7 rosyjskich samolotów bojowych lecących w strefie międzynarodowej powietrznej nad Bałtykiem. Niemcy zidentyfikowali samoloty bojowe lecące w formacji. Były tam (2) myśliwce Mig-31, (2) Su-34, (1) Su-27 i (2) Su-24. To była jedna z największych grup myśliwców przechwycona przez NATO nad Bałtykiem.

W ostatnim roku ze względu na ogromny wzrost aktywności Rosjan NATO musiało czterokrotnie zwiększyć swa obecność w rejonie Bałtyku.

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