Sunday, March 1, 2015

Military support - Obama style

Did you know? America is supporting the Ukrainian military by providing satellite images of Rebels positions and movement. But.... But, the positions of Russian troops on the borders are removed and resolution of those pictures is degraded. But, just to make sure (...) they also delay those pictures by 24 hours.

So, if anything those pictures are just useful as a roll of toilet paper.

This of course means that Obama can claim full support provided to Ukraine. What kind of support it is will be hidden by the ever supportive left leaning US media.

Poland and other NATO countries neighboring Russia should ask themselves what kind of support can they expect from our "brave" president. Would it be delayed by 24, 12 or 6 hours? Can they expect any help before, during or weeks after the attack? Would it be influenced by opinion polls or other interests?

Shame! Shame on Obama! Shame on all of us!

(Are Obama's actions in any way related to his infamous of-mike words to his friend Medvedev when he asked for patience and promised that after elections he will have more flexibility?)

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Today's rallies in Russia were supposed to be against the war in Ukraine

If Nemtsov was still alive today he would not only release information about Russia's involvement in Ukraine's crisis, he was also planning today's rallies to push against the war. The scale of those rallies that we see in Moscow suggest that he would have show the World that the support for war in Russia is not as big as Russian propaganda tells us.

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Burza po morderstwie krytyka Putina

Morderstwo jednego z największych krytyków Putina, Borysa Niemcowa, wywołało burze na całym świecie. Zarówno w Europie jak i w Ameryce. Co o tym myślą Rosjanie jest wielka zagadka. Warto jednak zaznaczyć ze w Rosji są ludzie którzy nie boja się narazić życie dla prawdy, coś co coraz trudniej spotkać w krajach Zachodu i może dlatego Zachód przegrywa konflikt z Putinem.



Friday, February 27, 2015

Obama saved Internet, but we can't see the regulations

The "most transparent" administration ever have saved the Internet for evil capitalists. The new regulations are great for all of us, they are so good that we can't see them. Most likely because Obama's wisdom poured onto paper would blind us.

Of course there are some stupid Republicans who see some kind of conspiracy in all of this. But as well known equivalent to Russia Pravda, The Washington Post, writes:
Let's stop this nonsense right here. It's a stretch to think the FCC is withholding anything. While it was certainly within FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's power to release his draft proposal before it came to a vote, the regulations now must go through a formal process before they become official. 
In other words you will see it when you see it. Most likely it will be published on Great Friday when we will be busy getting ready to celebrate Easter another weekend.

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