Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Poland will boycott Russia, alone

For next year both Poland and Russia were planing Polish Year in Russia and Russian Year in Poland. It was supposed to be a big deal, dozens of large concerts and theatrical plays in both countries (87 in Russia) and now Poland cancelled all of them.
Poland is the only European country that went this far with sanctions against Russia, but as Polish Foreign Minister explained having these kind of exchange in light of what is going on was just wrong.

Zestrzelili kolejne samoloty

W czasie gdy ciała pasażerów zestrzelonego samolotu były transportowane do Holandii "separatyści" zestrzelili następne dwa myśliwce. Losy pilotów nie są znane.

Rebelianci zestrzelili dwa myśliwce

Two more planes shot down

Both Pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian military say that "rebels" shot down two more fighter jets. There is no information about the pilot.

Ukraine says pro-Russia rebels shoot down two fighter jets

Pro-Russia rebels 'shoot down two fighter jets' as coffins flown out of Ukraine

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Green Cards for 30 million???

Apparently liberals in both Congress ans Senate are working on 30 million of Green Cards for "undocumented" (also known as "illegals") from South America. Poles who just want easier access to the Visas* are out of luck.

(* Visa - a document issued by a country's government allowing the holder to enter (or to make a formal request to enter) or to leave that country :)

Zielone Karty dla imigrantów

W Amerykańskim Kongresie i Senacie trwają prace nad przyznaniem 30 milionów (MILIONÓW) Zielonych Kart dla nielegalnych (NIE LEGALNYCH) imigrantów z Ameryki Południowej.

Wygląda na to ze Polacy, ani legalni ani nie legalni, się nie załapią na ten program.
(Może przyszedł czas aby Polacy mieli własną grupę nacisku, lobby, w obu partiach i wybierali tylko polityków z polskim nazwiskiem.)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Obama get's tough with Putin

Obama tells Putin to "get serious" and be reasonable.

Obama ostro do Putina

Obama dziś przemówił do Putina w ostrych słowach. Chce aby Putin był poważny i na "serio".