5/28/2015 - PoloniaNews.com: Is Russia about to trigger WWIII by invading Ukraine?

There are reports from European (including Polish media) and US media that Russians are massing their forces on the Ukrainian border again. The Ukrainian economy is near total collapse. Russian economy is not that much better. The problem is that president Obama is not showing any will to fight in Iraq giving Putin a green light to do anything he wants. Joe Biden speaks strongly against Russia but he is not a commander in chief. NATO despite a big rush to create rapid reaction forces still operates as a big bureaucracy (needs agreements from all members) may not react in time if ever.

The big question is: If Russians successfully take Ukraine will they stop at Polish or Lithuanian border after all the rhetoric and threats coming from Kremlin? World War II started when Poland refused to give Hitler part of its territory. Will WWIII start when Ukraine, Poland and/or Lithuania refuse to let Russians do whatever they want on their territory? (BTW Half of all WWI battles were fought on Polish lands.)