The book that predicted Europe's immigration crisis and an "end of Western Civilization"

Chances are you never heard of this book. Why? Because it is so politically incorrect it was blacklisted by elites of the world from the day it was published in 1973 in France. There even were attempts to pull the book of the shelfs. The author, Jean Raspail, was made a "persona non grata" in many circles. (Even worse the today's evil Ted Cruz.)

Here is what some reviewers have to say:

"This book is so politically incorrect that I admire for actually carrying it." 
"Raspail pulls no punches and manages to say just about everything there is to say about the threat that Third World immigration poses to Western Civilization." 
"This book is disturbing in the extreme. This is mainly due to the fact that most of the predictions Raspail made back in 1973 are now coming true." 
"The author's point is that any who dare to say that 'white' civilization has a right to exist are branded racists and cast out of the pale of polite society. " 
"... the complete elimination of whites as a race is inevitable within a single century from now." 
"The best book on what is going on now with immigration in Europe that exists - and written decades ago..."
In other words: even Glenn Beck, with his doom and gloom prediction, wouldn't go that far.

Get it today and start reading!!!