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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Trump interview that never took place

Trump casts enough of the shadow over world politics that Russia saw it fit to use him in its disinformation campaign.

In early March several Russian websites quoted Donald Trump as saying: “Recently the Baltic states declared that they cannot progress because their neighbor is Russia. We can help them out here: their neighbors can be African countries. We’ll resettle all the Balts to the African continent and move the African population to the Baltics, and we’ll change the names of the countries accordingly.” They claimed that quote was taken from interview posted on American Forces Network Europe, a U.S. military website. Unfortunately, quick search on that site shows no trace of word "Trump" and journalist that supposedly published the interview claims that it never happened.

Some people may see it as a funny story. Some may even say that Trump could have said that. But what it really shows is that Putin and his propaganda machine won't stop for anything. With upcoming presidential elections in Russia Putin may want to show his people that he can not only challenge any neighboring state but also the US President, current and future.

[Based on the post on new portal, INFORMATION WARFARE INITIATIVE by Urve Eslas]

4/19/16 (en.):

5 dead as historic, 20-inch rain swamps Houston area

Hillary Clinton Has Another Coughing Fit in Radio Interview; Blames ‘Allergy Season’

As bitter N.Y. primary draws close, Sanders accuses Clinton of campaign finance violations

NASA feed 'goes down as horseshoe UFO appears on ISS live cam' sparking claims of alien cover up

Boom: Surging Gun Sales Create Thousands Of High-Paying Jobs

Mexican Volcano Spews Ash On Nearby Towns

4/19/16 (pl.):

Prezydent odbierze przysięgę od sędziego TK Zbigniewa Jędrzejewskiego

Śmigłowce zakłócające na zachodzie Rosji. Przeciwko systemom OPL

Kuria przeprasza za nabożeństwo ONR w białostockiej katedrze

Polsko-duńskie rozmowy o Baltic Pipe

Silna eksplozja w centrum Kabulu. Liczne ofiary śmiertelne i 200 rannych

GUS podał złe dane z gospodarki. Takiego osłabienia nikt się nie spodziewał

Monday, April 18, 2016

Shocking, Glenn Beck agrees with Bernie Sanders: "we should be like Sweden"

Today, on his show Glenn Beck said the he agrees with Bernie Sanders: "we should be like Sweden". Why? Because, and you can check that on Google, Swedes pay less in taxes across the board than we do but get so much more.

The Myth of Low-Tax America
"The problem with Americans and their taxes is that we get nothing for them."
"If Americans knew what Swedes receive for their taxes, we would probably riot,"

Here is short comparison:

Sweden: 22% Corporate tax; 31% Individual (min); 59.7% Individual (max); 30% Capital Gains; 1.5% Property Tax; 0% Inheritance Tax

USA: 35% Corporate tax; 0% Individual (min); 55.9% Individual (Fed + State + Local max); 28-39.6% Capital Gains; 0.28-2.29% Property Tax; 0-40% Inheritance Tax

Let's not jump the gun voting for Bernie yet but if Democrats want US to be like Sweden we can let them and we could start with dealing with corrupt politicians. Yes, him and her (you know who.)

4/18/16 (en.):

Ecuador earthquake: Death toll jumps to 272; more than 2500 injured

In crushing defeat, Brazil's Rousseff moves close to impeachment

Sanders's scathing Clinton attack invigorates Brooklyn crowd

While the GOP worries about convention chaos, Trump pushes for ‘showbiz’ feel

Mexico Won't Be ‘Bullied’ by Trump's Threat to Fund Border Wall

Iran Vows To Defend Muslim Nations Against Terrorism, Israel 

4/18/16 (pl.):

Amerykanie i Niemcy mówią "nie" bazom NATO w Polsce. Chcą odstraszać Rosję "sprytnymi ruchami"

Kornel Morawiecki: Nie złamaliśmy prawa. Niczego nie złamaliśmy

Pjongjang przeprowadzi kolejną próbę jądrową

Stan wyjątkowy w Ekwadorze: blisko 300 śmiertelnych ofiar trzęsienia ziemi! Możliwe ponowne wstrząsy

Jarosław Kaczyński o tarciach w rządzie: Muszą zostać twardą ręką przełamane

"Sueddeutsche Zeitung": Kontrole graniczne tylko w czterech krajach to 15 mld euro strat rocznie

Premier Czech gotowy na pozew przeciw Brukseli ws. kwot migrantów

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Happy 1050th Birthday to Poland

Today Poland is celebrating the 1050th anniversary of the Baptism of Poland and the foundation of Polish statehood.

Poland will celebrate this day by lighting the bonfires, the old Polish custom symbolizing important events ex. war, across the country on Thursday evening, from the Tatra Mountains in the south to the Hel Peninsula on the Baltic coast.

Happy Birthday Poland!!!

4/14/16 (en.):

Poland marks 1,050 years of Christianity

27,000 New Yorkers Come Out to See Bernie

Russian Bombers Over An American Destroyer Operating In The Baltic Sea. Polish Helicopter Onboard.

US Rockets For Europe. Pentagon’s Operational Budget – The Main Source of Financing.

3 Arrested, 4 Officers Injured During Clash Outside Trump Rally

Shoe Company: Obama Admin Pressured Us to Stay Quiet on TPP

Is Obama planning his revenge on Netanyahu?

4/14/16 (pl.):

Nowy ukraiński rząd zaprzysiężony. Wołodymyr Hrojsman premierem

Centralne obchody 1050. rocznicy Chrztu Polski

SKANDAL: Plan Modernizacji Technicznej trafi do kosza? Szacunki nierealne od początku

Rosyjskie bombowce nad amerykańskim niszczycielem na Bałtyku. Z polskim śmigłowcem na pokładzie

Hakerzy twierdzą, że mają pliki kompromitujące lidera KOD. Kijowski: To prowokacja

Bruksela krytycznie ocenia polską kolej. Resort infrastruktury: Jesteśmy rozczarowani tą opinią

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