Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Trump may have to use nukes

Most of the Main Stream Media are trying to convince American voters that we cannot trust Trump with the nuclear codes.

What is being missed, maybe on purpose, is that thanks to Obama (including crooked Hillary) administration is doing everything they can so the nukes may have to be used.


Because, according to the latest reports Russia is about to invade Ukraine and while doing that it is also testing weapons and tactics in preparations for bigger war. Yesterday the US general reported that Russian artillery may by 5x more deadly than American counterparts because our side is trying to be politically correct by not using certain kinds of shells. British media report that Russian army outguns UK troops. In other words, even if NATO forces manage to get to the Baltic states to help in case of invasion they will suffer huge losses doing that.

BTW, has Bill Clinton found his nuke codes yet? The ones he lost so many years ago and failed to inform the Secret Service.