BIEG 2018

Saturday, September 10, 2016

She wants to be a President for all: Democrats, "enemies" and "deplorables"

Hillary Clinton wants to be, as she should, the President of all Americans: Democrats (obviously), "enemies" (all Republicans) and "deplorables" (50% of her "enemies").

In one of first Democratic debates she knew exactly who her enemies were. No, not Russians, nor Putin. Not the Islamic terrorists. It was the Republicans, and the audience cheered.

actually Despicable Me but who cares
Now she calls half of Trump supporters (or the rest of us) as "deplorables". If, God forbid, she wins what will she do with us or to us. I know, raise taxes and make sure we never find work again. In Socialism "deplorables" and "suspect" people find their lives rather difficult. Trust me, I remember. "Been there, done that."