BIEG 2018

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Collusion News Network finally attacked Poland

There is no other way to call it. We all knew that sooner or later the socialist media will attack Poland for Trump's successful visit. But, nobody thought they would go that low and attack the memory of Polish victims of German Nazis by calling Nazi Camps Polish Camps.

CNN and USA Today, followed by Daily Mirror, Daily Mail and Sky News reported that Britain's Prince William and his wife Kate visited former Nazi German concentration camp near Gdańsk, northern Poland, but 'accidentally' called it 'Polish concentration camp'.

USA Today already made a correction saying that they misidentified the nationality of the concentration camp. But, I don't buy it. How many times can you make the same 'mistake' over and over. If I wanted to be nice to them, I would say that they lacked basic education or are the victims of German propaganda. But, I think that this time they wanted to show Poles that there are consequences for being nice to Trump.