Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Smolensk crash: 'Traces of explosion' found on the presidential plane

Radio Poland: "Traces of an explosion" were found on the left wing of the Polish presidential plane that crashed and killed all 96 people on board in Smolensk, western Russia, in 2010.

Until now the earlier reports, mostly by the Russian government, said the plane's wing hit a birch tree close to the runway at the Smolensk military airport, causing the it to crash.
“Damage to the left wing of the TU 154M was not started by colliding with the birch tree … The wing’s destruction started before the birch tree… [and] much damage to the left wing of the TU 154M plane carry traces of an explosion,” a special new commission said in a statement on Wednesday (Aug. 9th, 2017). 
The new commission was formed by  the conservative Law and Justice party after it came to power in 2015 and was unhappy with the progress of the investigation.

If this report is true, then what's next? Will Poland formally accuse Putin of assassination?