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Saturday, February 11, 2012

WTF. So who won? and who will pay for contraception?

Media want us to think that we won and Obama made BIG "sacrifice" and surrendered on the issue.

Obama wants us to think that he is such great guy and that from the beginning he just wanted to play nicely with the Church.

Church wants us.... Oops. We have to wait until tomorrow's mass for their stance. In the mean time I hear that they don't think Obama gave them anything. They say that 'it represents no change at all, and the bishops will press for a “legislative solution” to Barack Obama’s mandate.'

However, if that was the last and only offer, the one that church could not refuse, who would pay for this "FREE" abortion and contraception health care coverage?
Obama? No!
Church? Nooooo!
Insurance companies? LOL. No and no. Even if Obama says so.
Who is left? You and me.

Our rates will go so high that our benefits will have to shrink. (My employer in Massachusetts already dropped our dental plan. He could not afford it. There probably are other thinks he could drop or he could switch to, yes, Obamacare.)

So, if you have:
Vision - say good buy.
Dental - forget about it (say it with this mafia accent).
Good plan with no deductible - LOL.