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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

No point in asking Obama to get involved with Ukraine crisis

If Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, wanted to get in solving in this crisis he would have done it already. Yes, John Kerry did issue some strongly worded statements but that was all the administration was willing to do. Again, the politics are more important than the democracy and ... everything else that the US used to stand for. 

Obama doesn't want to alienate his "friend", Putin. He did ask Putin to be patient with us, you know the little people who hate dictators, and wait until his hands are not tied by elections. Now it seems he delivers on his promise.

Because Obama's complete surrender on the international issues, or ineptness, we face a crisis after crisis around the world (Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Ukraine, China sea). John Kerry, our Secretary of State - supposedly, is more interested in the Global Warming then crisis in Ukraine. That is why the are already voices asking him to resign.

Good thing we have Joe Biden (lol) to voice our concerns. (Putin and Yanukovych must shake in their boots.)
Forbes: The United States and Europe have so far abdicated the opportunity to provide real assistance to the opposition. Putin, on the other hand, will leave no stone unturned to insure that his allies emerge victorious.  In such confrontations, the street fighter wins and the gentlemen lose.
Yanukovich and his allies are playing for time, stretching out negotiations, pleading illness, and hoping for the steam to run out of the protests.