Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Russia may attack in the next few days

Russian "tourists" who penetrated Ukraine borders and pretend to be Pro-Russia separatists, most likely Russian special forces troops, captured several Ukrainian light tanks (personnel carriers).

They plan to kill 100-200 people
According to Ukrainian government the intelligence services intercepted communications showing that Russian saboteurs plan to kill 100-200 people that will spark Russian invasion. According to those communications it may take as little as 90 minutes for Russian tanks to be in Ukraine.

Russian operatives
It was also reported that Ukrainian authorities arrested 23 Russian GRU (military intelligence) operatives.

More and more Russians
According to anti-terrorism authorities Russian troops from 45th airborne division located near Moscow operate in eastern part of Ukraine. In the last few days additional 450 troops were identified in the region.

Georgian playbook
Developments in Ukraine closely resemble the events from Georgia just days before Russian invasion.