Saturday, June 14, 2014

Russia: our army is ready for a war

The adviser to the Chairman of Russian Federal Assembly (Parliament), Aleksiej Podbieriozkin, is not sugar coating his words. In his interview with Polish daily he simply said: Russian army is ready for war. Your's is not.

His words were repeated by almost every major news media in Poland. Especially, since there was also treat in them.

In his interview he was trying to say Russia is a victim of western aggression not the other way around.  According to him Russia has nothing to do with the crisis in Ukraine. If it did the things would look much different.

He was also very straight forward with his view about military situation in Europe. According to him Russian army was always the strongest military force in Europe, that Normandy never counted for anything, that it was Russian might that defeated Germany, and that at this point is the only army ready for a war.

So much for president Obama's RESET with Russia.