Thursday, October 30, 2014

Obama want's another bumper sticker: we got Polanski :updated

Polish press reports that US government demands the arrest and extradition of the Polish-French film maker, Roman Polanski, who came to Warsaw for this week's opening of the History of Polish Jews Museum.

However, according to the source, the petition was rejected as it was not submitted in the Polish language as required by international agreements. :)

It is not known if Polanski is still in Poland.

The arrest would most likely start an international incident. The opening of the museum is a big deal for both Poland and Israel. Not only would that be a "finger in the eye" lead "from behind" by Obama, it would create an impression that Poland joined an anti-Israel alliance.

(If the Poles came through for Obama he would have two for two: Osama and Polanski. The bumper sticker would read: Osama is dead, GM almost, but we got Polanski.)

UPDATE: Polanski visited prosecutor's office in Krakow but was not arrested. After submitting information where he stayed during his visit in Poland and promise to appear if required he was allowed to leave.

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